Beginning a "journey"

Twenty-two years later, after completing a degree in Music Theory, I started to use my ability to "see" the effect of sound to play personal music compositions for people.

After more than 2,000 of these compositions, I began to realise that there were repeating patterns in the music when a person had a specific area of their emotional expression blocked. Since then, I have been able to identify some fifty motifs or short musical phrases, each of which is used in specific situations.

Travels on Orion

During the next 20-odd years I spent extensive periods of time with my family in both Eastern and Western countries, for example, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Tunisia, many western European countries, as well as Malta and Australia. We also lived for a time in a traditional tribal culture with the Kuna Indians on the San Blas Islands off the East Coast of Panama.

I composed Personal Music for people in a rich diversity of human condition in most cultural and religious backgrounds giving me the opportunity to study in depth first-hand the differences and similarities in the human energy system.

In the countries where I stayed longer than a few months I collaborated closely with psychologists and other therapists to explore the effect of my music in therapeutic applications creating Personal Music for their clients to be used as an accompaniment to their treatment. As well I worked with many individuals on my own on a regular on-going basis. The combined experience and information derived from these contacts enabled me to fine tune much of the information presented in my work.

Origins of Inner Sound

At the time when I composed the first Personal Music I had no idea of the rich and varied healing traditions, both ancient and still in use today in many non-western cultures, that I was emulating.

There are various similarities with other forms of sound healing from India, Greece, Turkey as well as tribal rituals and religious chants. For example, in musical therapy practiced in Turkey and Persia in the 14th century all the music used in hospitals was improvised based on different motifs, which treated different systems of the body as well as the emotions and the spirit. Also, the intent of the music was to evoke a new impulse that balanced and finally diminished the diseased state. The ancient Chinese used different melodies and scales based on the pentatonic scale for different seasons and times of the day.

Our Journey Continues...

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