Biography: Sheila Hill


I first met Arden & Jack Wilken while I was travelling in America in the early 80's having been introduced through a mutual friend. I spent 3 months with them on their first sailboat, Lookfar, in Isla Mujeres (off Cancun) and travelling up the Eastern Seaboard from Florida to Newport Rhode Island. At the time, I had no idea what role this couple would play in my life but that introduction was certainly the beginning of our enduring friendship.

Australia - 1983-89

I continued on my travels to Australia where I lived for several years and - amongst many other diverse experiences and adventures - explored the realms of alternative therapies. I helped organize the very first Mind, Body & Spirit shows in that country - thanks to an introduction from Jack and Arden. I was intrigued by the many different types of therapies I learned about and, as a direct result of that work, I signed up for courses in different forms of massage.

Spain - 1990-96

I worked as a massage therapist during part of my time in Australia and then later in Spain in the 1990s, where I renewed my connection with Arden and Jack. By that time, Arden had composed a number of titles in the Tools for Self-Discovery series and was developing her listening programs for willing volunteers (me included!) to explore the efficacy of her therapeutic music. I was a regular devotee of her personal music compositions which she created in response to an individual's particular focus or requested theme(s). During this time, I incorporated different techniques into my massage therapy and explored the use of energy techniques, color therapy and Arden's music. I became increasingly intrigued by the way Arden's music helped me develop own my sensitivity towards the person I was working with and targeting primary areas of tension in their bodies. Sometimes even when I wasn't playing her music in a session, sections would "play" in my mind as I worked to release a particular area of tension.

UK - Present Day

In 1996 I returned to the UK and when I announced that I would be leaving Barcelona, the Wilkens asked me if I would like to become a distributor of their music here. My decision to say 'yes' has since led to many other choices I subsequently made which has incorporated Inner Sound more fully into my life than I ever anticipated: 'yes' to taking part in exhibitions all around the country; 'yes' to public speaking and presentations that initially had me shaking with fear but which I now actually enjoy; 'yes' to leaving full-time employment to launch my own business dedicated to promoting Inner Sound; 'yes' to becoming a qualified Inner Sound practitioner and working exclusively with sound as a therapy; 'yes' to later becoming a teacher of Inner Sound and to establishing a UK branch of the School for Inner Sound as I gained more confidence and teaching skills.

Inner Sound Qualifications:

Inner Sound - Sound Therapist Practitioner Certificate
Tuning Fork Practitioner (Basic & Advanced)
Teacher of Tuning Fork Practitioner Training (Basic & Advanced)
Teacher of Autophonetics (Basic & Advanced)
Teacher of Introduction to Sound Therapy
Teacher of SOUND TOUCH Module

Teaching Qualifications:

City and Guilds Teaching Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners
City & Guilds Level 4 Stage 1 Unit - Assessment Activities
City & Guilds Level 4 Stage 1 Unit - Resources.

I have been presenting workshops & teaching in the UK since 2002. In 2005 the School for INNER SOUND (UK) was established and I became the School's Director. I am certified to teach a variety of courses which form part of the School's established international curriculum.

Practitioner-based Association Memberships:

Association of Physical and Natural Therapists (APNT)
British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA)
International Association of Sound Therapy (IAST).

School-based Association Memberships:

International Association of Sound Therapy (IAST).