Aims and Objectives: SOUND TOUCH Module

sound touch

SOUND TOUCH Module is one element of the Sound Therapist Practitioner training.

This module introduces the fundamental elements of INNER SOUND - the INNER SOUND motifs. In musical terms, a motif is a short musical phrase made up of several notes that create a distinctive rhythmic pattern. INNER SOUND is a sound healing system based on relative movement.


INNER SOUND motifs have a simple musical structure using a variety of scales including the pentatonic(five-note scale) some of the Greek modes and the Western diatonic scale.

  • The motifs help areas in your system to remember their dynamic movement of expansion or contraction
  • Depending on which instruments are used to play the motifs, aspects of you are touched - whether mental, emotional, physical or energetic.
  • INNER SOUND motifs can help you create movement and change regardless of where you may be in your personal development
  • INNER SOUND motifs help liberate trapped or blocked energy without proposing an external structure of how you should be or act or in what direction you should develop.

Course Content

sound touch

Introduction, Uses & Enhancement Exercises for:

  • 21 musical motifs:
  • Motifs include: Alpha, Birth, Centering, Child, Cleaning, Conception, Contact, Contraction, Equalization, Lubrication, Amplification, Expansion, Foot Stimulation, Front/Back Alignment, Grounding, Hemispheric Balance, Hope, Integration, Left/Right Balance, Opening, Theta
  • 12 Life Themes:
  • Grounding; Connecting with Spiritual Truth; Remote Memories; Physical Vitality; Connecting with Spiritual Essence; Self-Image; Mental Clarity; Emotional Body; Childhood; Energy Balancing; Love; Inner Peace.

Sound Touch can also be used as an independent tool for personal and/or professional use.

Module fee includes study manual & Sound Touch CD.

**This course is a pre-requisite course for OM Flute training**

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