Tuning Fork Workshop

tuning forks pair 5

Listening to the 'pure' tones produced by tuning forks can help reduce stress and promote a deeply relaxed state.

Join our popular tuning fork introductory workshop and experience their effect for yourself - you'll be surprised how easy they are to use!

Tuning forks produce simple, 'pure' tones (single frequencies) that can be combined to create a soothing, meditative experience.

As you listen to your INNER SOUND Pair 5 tuning forks, you'll experience the subtle effect of sound vibrations passing through your system and their consequential effects: calming your mind, altering your mood, releasing tension. They are an excellent and easy hand-held tool to use in aiding more restful sleep too.

Workshop Outline

tuning forks pair 5

A practical one-day workshop, focused at providing simple guidelines for using tuning forks with confidence.

Topics include:

  1. why sound influences our body so rapidly;
  2. how combining sound frequencies can promote relaxation;
  3. practice sessions under supervision - on yourself & others;
  4. detailed guidelines for using your Pair 5 tuners (included in price).

This workshop is for anyone looking for a simple and effective relaxation technique:

  • Beauty therapists (use during facials)
  • Reflexologists
  • Massage therapists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Energy workers
  • Personal or family use

A safe and easy way to release stress. Ideal meditation tool.

Teaching techniques include: discussion; demonstration; hands-on practice; feedback and questions. Students get plenty of opportunity to experience and use INNER SOUND tuning forks under supervision, both on themselves and others.

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Sheila Hill, Inner Sound(UK) Instructor

Sheila Hill is Director & Instructor for School for INNER SOUND (UK)

Telephone: +44 (0)208 891 3798 or mobile: 07752 160 078.

Email: enquiries@inner-sound.co.uk (no hyperlink)

Unless stated otherwise, all courses take place in Twickenham, Middlesex.

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