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INNER SOUND(1978) is an original method of sound therapy developed for restoring physical vitality, enhancing your emotional expression and increasing self-awareness.

The School for INNER SOUND offers a selection of training that is open to everyone. No musical knowledge is required to attend any of our courses and we also have distance learning options.

Arden Wilken is co-founder and principal trainer of our international program. She is based in the USA.

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Our 'self-help' sound therapy system supports you and/or your clients in a process of re-balancing and re-alignment that is often demonstrated by improved health and well-being, an increased capacity to release stress and relax more deeply, and in achieving greater self-awareness. INNER SOUND will enhance any program of personal or professional development.

We offer training in - INNER SOUND Tuning Forks, a playing technique - SOUND TOUCH, Autophonetics (voice work), and INNER SOUND's Therapeutic Music. We also offer a variety of workshops and courses designed to introduce Sound Therapy as well as advanced courses like the OM Flute for more specific interest.

After 32 years with INNER SOUND, Sheila Hill, our UK-based instructor, has retired! (1990 to 2022). We thank her for all her dedicated work and service to her community and her superb contritubion to INNER SOUND and Sound Therapy. She was Director of the School for Inner Sound UK & a Certified Instructor of Tunings Forks, Voice Workshop, Intro to Sound Therapy and a Personal Music Practitioner.

For virtual trainings, please contact Arden Wilken, Director of Education School for INNER SOUND and Co-Founder of INNER SOUND.

Tel (USA): +001 (206) 618 3985


Sound & music stimulates the hearing mechanism and the cranial bones. Bone conduction & vibration produce a corresponding movement through all systems of the body and at all levels...

...remember those 'musical thrills' tingling down your spine?

What makes INNER SOUND unique?


Composer & Sound Therapist Arden Wilken began creating music for individuals in 1978 to support them during periods of transition, creativity, personal development, illness and short or long-term stress.

Through her investigations composing thousands of unique Personal Music's, Arden identified over 50 short melodies or musical phrases with specific effects that promote movement and restore balance in different systems of the body, simultaneously releasing & resolving tensions relating to a wide range of emotional themes.

Jack Wilken developed Spectrum Sound Resonance System - a range of psychoacoustic effects that significantly enhance the effectiveness of this sound healing system.

During the past 40 years, INNER SOUND has become a versatile and extensive healing method based on the INNER SOUND motifs. These specific melodies & rhythmic patterns create change on a mental, emotional, physical and energetic basis. (For more information about how sound heals, read their article 'Sonic Pathways')

You can play INNER SOUND motifs as 'pure' sound in sequences of pairs of tuning forks that are placed near the ears; you can listen to them in musical recordings enhanced with psychoacoustic effects; or you can learn to sing them using simple exercises to help enhance & integrate their movement as you do.

Different Uses for INNER SOUND: to:


  • Enhance any type of treatment session - complementary therapy, massage, beauty and more
  • Increase your client's capacity to relax both mind & body
  • Recover more quickly from an illness or injury
  • Improve your communication skills & - Yes, we're "related!"

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There are over 20 different CD titles composed by Arden to support or develop a range of different themes that enhance our physical and emotional well-being.