Music For Depression by Arden Wilken


Music for alleviating Depression

Detail: This music is focused at the complex emotional structure associated with lack of energy and apathy for life.

In our early development we pass through various growth phases. When each phase is completed, we can easily move onto the next, integrating the last with the present one. When blockages occur in this process, they often appear in later life in the form of mental, emotional or physical problems.

In the case of depression, an unresolved oral phase of development associated with emotional nurturing and receiving food, is often present. In the body, this is reflected in areas of tension in the knees, diaphragm, shoulders and neck.

The music begins with deep tones, male voices that begin to activate the energy below the feet. Throughout the 25 minutes the music slowly moves up the body, changing from male to female voices and wind instruments, stopping first at the level of the knees, diaphragm and shoulders to continue the activation and unblocking of the energy in these areas.

The last 4-5 minutes of the music end with strings and female voices which continue to move up the body to the head and above, helping to create an unbroken, integrated line of movement.

Many people find initially that their feelings of depression are heightened when they begin to listen, as the male voices begin to bring them in deeper contact with themselves. If the depression is severe, it is helpful to use this music either in a therapeutic situation or with a friend to help process these feelings. If the feelings are too intense initially, listen less often and for shorter periods.

Try physical activity after each session to integrate whatever movement is made.

This music is available as Track 5 on INTUITION CD

Listening Tips: Intensive use: 3 times a day; Normal use: as needed

Can also be played as background music to enhance creativity.

Visualization Exercise


Posture: Standing

Spontaneous movement is quite beneficial to help unblock the body’s energy associated with depression.

Put the music on. Listen for a moment and then allow your body to make spontaneous movement that comes from the activation of the sound. Perhaps it’s a rotation of your ankles, or an overall swaying.

You can either consciously follow the music as it moves up your body and make the movements, or immerse yourself in the sound and allow the movements to come.

Continue in this way until your body is quiet or until the music ends. Take as much time as you need to return to your daily routine.