Music for Fatigue by Arden Wilken

Voyage to Freedom

Inner Sound Healing Series

Music for the Body: Music for Fatigue


Music to alleviate both short and long term fatigue

This music helps to alleviate both short and long-term fatigue. In cases of insomnia, it can be listened to up to 3 times a night

Gently relaxing while bringing on a feeling of alertness, it can also be used during the day as a siesta or for a break from problem solving or study

Track 1 on Voyage to Freedom

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Primary INNER SOUND Motifs:

Alpha,Conception, Hope and Hemispheric balance

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Recommended listening:

Intensive use: 3 times a day or night
Normal use: as needed

exercises for fatigue

There are several exercises for this music. The second focuses on the psychological factors underlying fatigue, mainly lack of sufficient contact with mother, lack of mother’s love. Starting at minute 16 with the violin melody and strings, the music represents this vibration.

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no 1

Posture: sitting or lying down with headphones.

Try to breathe slowly and deeply. Allow your diaphragm to relax so that the air can enter more easily into the abdomen first, then expand the sides of your body, your entire back and your chest.

Allow yourself to enter the flow of the music, going where it takes you. Allow thoughts to come and go, and sensations to pass through your body. Let go as completely as you can into the music. If you fall asleep, that’s fine.

Eventually, what normally happens with this exercise is that your body will relax and your mind will be calm, clear and alert.


For entrainment purposes play it once or twice a day until your body is relaxed and your mind is calm and alert. Then, use it as needed.

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no 2

Posture: lying on your back.

Start listening with your eyes closed. Breathe for a few moments as in Exercise 1. When you feel the music, begin to slowly change your position to a fetal position, lying on your side with knees brought up to your chest and your head curled downward towards your knees and arms wrapped around your knees.

Do this very slowly, inch by inch, stopping after each small shift. This could take 10 to 15 minutes. When you arrive at the fetal position, stay there, assuming it is comfortable, until the music ends.

As you are making the movement be aware of the music washing through you and any feelings that might occur.

Take as long as you need to uncurl.

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no 3

Variation: this exercise can be done with a partner or friend who actually moves your body very slowly into the fetal position. You remain completely passive, without resistance. Allow the other person to move you.

This exercise is for working on issues around nurturing.


3 to 4 times a week until you achieve the results you are looking for. In this case, keeping a journal about your feelings and images from this exercise would be helpful.

If this theme is not pertinent for you, then use Exercise 1.

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