Inner Sound "Therapy Collection"

Aromatherapy CD

CD Titles for Aromatherapy - Reiki- Reflexology

Aromatherapy: Music for Aromatherapy Treatments
(70 mins/CD only)

"Beautiful soothing music by sound therapist Arden Wilken for aromatherapy, the ancient art of healing using the pure extracts of aromatic plants."

Title tracks:

  • 1. Emotional well-being (piano, strings, flute) 5.02
  • 2. Reflexology (French horn, strings, piano) 5.00
  • 3. Mental well-being (Piano, strings, flute) 5.02
  • 4. Sense of smell (Chimes) 5.01
  • 5. Beauty Treatments (Piano, flute, strings, choir) 14.54
  • 6. Massage (Strings, birds, oboe) 11.46
  • 7. Therapeutic Use (Piano, strings, flute, pan flute, chimes) 22.44

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Reiki: Music for Reiki Treatments


"The principle function of REIKI is to re-establish energetic balance in the human organism."

Sound and music can also have this effect through its properties of resonance. Sound travels through the body through the connective tissue, the largest organ in the body. This tissue gives the body its shape and surrounds each organ, muscle fiber and system extending all the way down to a cellular level, connecting into the DNA. For this reason specific sounds and music can be used to activate and re-establish balance in the body as a whole as well as in specific parts. Sound therapist Arden Wilken (USA) created the music for this album to enhance and complement each of the 2 treatments using her system of sound and therapeutic music, INNER SOUND. (71 mins/CD only)

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Repose: Music for Reflexology Treatments


REPOSE was created using specific INNER SOUND motifs to create a 'sound' background for reflexology and similar kinds of therapies to enhance their effect on the nervous and circulatory systems promoting energetic balance and integration.

Each motif creates expansion or contraction in different parts of the human organism. She uses the appropriate combination of motifs with specific instruments and sounds to create the desired focus and movement of each title.

Track 1, Deep Repose, is based on the Hemispheric Balance and Opening Motifs.

Track 2, Light Repose, is based on the Hope and Alpha Motifs.

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Each track on REPOSE was composed in Just Tuning rather than the more frequently used tempered tuning. In Just Tuning many of the musical intervals are pure creating less stress on the nervous system and enhancing the effect of the therapies.

While a person is listening to this music the needed frequencies in that moment are absorbed while the rest pass through without leaving any 'footprints'.

Feel calm. Feel relaxed. Feel at peace. Receive the most out of your therapy or treatment by using this 'sound' background." (65 mins/CD only)