Inner Sun

Inner Sun

Music for Expression and Communication

Music for communication – both inward and outward.

Detail: Each of the seven songs (Rose, Purple, Chartreuse, Silver, Rust, Mauve and Gold) bathes a different layer of the electromagnetic field with a distinct color to create a homogenous connection between them.

Listening Tips: Intensive use: once a day; Normal use: 2 - 3 times per week

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For Birth

A birth is like a storm beginning either quietly or suddenly, with intense physical and emotional highs and lows before ending. This music gives emotional and energetic support to the entire process

Helps create/maintain communication; to help with bonding process
Symptoms: None
Use: As desired; With headphones or as background music

For Pregnancy

Promotes energetic and emotional connection between mother and fetus
Symptoms: Normal or problematic pregnancy
Use: Listen 2-3 times a week in the first 7 months. As desired in the last 2 months; as background music or with headphones sitting or lying down or during activity
Problematic: Listen 1-2 times a day until symptoms disappear; With headphones while sitting or lying down

For Sports Training for Optimum Performance

A flexible mind and well-tuned energy field is essential for optimum performance in sports. Much of this comes from the training itself; however, psychological factors play an important part. The music can be used as emotional and energetic support to enhance the physical training.

Promotes communication with all parts of the body
Symptoms: All sports
Use: Listen as desired; As background music

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For Learning: Adolescents

Each age has distinct parameters that enter into the learning process that could be described as a difference in emphasis for physical, emotional and mental development

This music supports the learning process during adolescence

Improves inner and outward communication; to understand and express what is being learned
Symptoms: All situations
Use: Listen before, during or after studying; With headphones or as background music

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For Communication and Expression; For Developing Personal Power and Self-Esteem; For Hyperactivity; For Serenity and Inner Peace; For Well-being, Emotional Stability

An important aspect of all of these themes is the ability to be in contact with feelings and emotions and then be able to express them to the outside in some way. This music promotes the connection with these feelings and promotes the movement of expression from the inside out.

Improves inner and outward communication
Symptoms: As needed
Use: Listen - Intensive 1-2 times a day; Normal 3-4 times a week; With headphones or as background music while sitting or lying down or during activity

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For Creative Visualisation: Colours

To be able to visualize easily it is necessary to have a steady flow of energy moving from the base of the spine up to the top of the head. For different kinds of visualization, different intensities of energy are needed. This music enhances the visualization of colors.

Promotes communication between all levels of consciousness
Symptoms: Listen as needed to enhance visualization
Use: As desired; With headphones or as background music

Inner Sun  exercises
A Different Exercise for Each Track (Track 1 = Rose, etc)


Track 1: Imagine the music is circulating in the following way.

Starting in the centre of the chest, let it arc out in front of you and move upwards to a maximum distance of an arm’s length above the head, flowing down in a gentle arc to enter into the back of the heart, then continuing to circulate out the front, etc.

Common sensations are warmth, lightening in chest area, relaxation of the jaw.


Track 2: Take several deep, slow breaths, to come back to a neutral point after the Rose exercise. Then, imagine you have a very small purple heart in your left hand. Visualize the music entering the heart and making it pulsate.

Then, imagine it leaving your left hand very slowly and floating out in front of you as it travels towards your right hand, landing there gently.

If at any time during this exercise, it starts to change color or shape, bring it gently but firmly back to the form and color of a purple heart. This spontaneous changing, if it occurs, indicates an imbalance between the energy in the left and rights sides of the body. The more you are able to do the exercise as described, the more you will increase your ability to balance these energies.


Track 3: Imagine you are standing in the centre of a chartreuse colored circle, which extends out approximately 3 feet all the way around you. Very slowly the centre where you are standing begins to move upward to 3 feet above the ground, stays there a moment and then slowly returns to the ground. Then, it sinks slowly 3 feet into the ground, stays there a moment and returns to its starting position. The outer edge of the circle does not move. The whole circle is flexible, stretching easily to make the upward and downward movement.

Repeat these movements several times and notice what you feel. Try to allow the upward and downward movement to be gentle and slow, without jerks. Let yourself go and feel the support from the centre of the circle, as if you were floating up and down.


Track 4: Imagine you are sitting in a dark place with absolutely no light – in a cave, for example. As the music plays, it begins to fill the cave with silver sparkles. Slowly they collect about a foot above your head, continually dancing and sparkling in the dark.

They begin to move slowly at first, picking up speed, travelling faster and faster, cascading all around you like a fountain, bouncing onto the floor in a circle. They never touch your body, but shine intensely all around you. The music keeps creating them in a never-ending stream. Continue to let them cascade all around you at a speed most comfortable for you.

When the music stops, let the remaining sparkles fall to the floor. Take several deep breaths, touch your hands together and bend over and touch the floor for a moment.

You can go right on and do the exercises for Side B, or do them at another time.


Track 5: Imagine you are sitting or standing in a wonderfully warm pool of rust colored mud. As the music plays let yourself sink slowly into the warm mud up to whatever part of your body is comfortable. Optimally, you would like to be able to submerge yourself so that only your nose is protruding from the mud. It is important that you do not force yourself to go further into the mud than what you are comfortable with.

Imagine the music is circulating through the mud all around you bringing you more in contact with this medium. Slowly, allow yourself to arise from the mud, the mud sticking only to the parts of your body you want it to.


Track 6: Listen for a moment to the music and feel the delicate movement of the constant rhythm of the piano part. Imagine that mauve colored energy, light purple, is concentrating into a single point deep in the centre of your body in your solar plexus. Let it spiral out from this point, circling around itself out to the surface of the body, moving in wider and wider circles around the body.

When the piano changes to a harp, reverse the process and undo the spiral until the mauve colored energy is concentrated once again in the point deep in the centre of the body. When the music stops, the color disappears.


Track 7: As the music begins, visualize it create a gold colored energy. This energy collects in the centre of your head where the 6th energy center is located, just behind your eyes. The energy extends out from this point behind the body to an approximate distance of 8 inches, fanning out to cover the whole back part of the electromagnetic field at this level.

The energy circulates as a continuous flow down the back of the body passing under the feet and then circulating up the front half of the body, returning to the centre of the head and continuing around again.

Allow this flow to continue at its own pace until the music stops. Breathe deeply, put your hands together and touch the floor for a moment.

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