The Brain Tape

Brain Tape

Music for Improving Memory and Concentration

Our mind is our greatest tool for creating a successful life, so its smooth functioning is essential. Brain Tape helps you create a more efficient use of your mental processes, for example, the ability to learn and to exercise creative thought.

This music can be beneficial to people of all ages - young and old!

Detail: Activates and clears the 6th and 7th energy centers (brow/crown of head) and layers of the electromagnetic field. Track 1: An inward journey through the 4 brain-wave states - beta, alpha, theta and delta. Track 2: Helps promote balance & integration of the left and right hemispheres.

Listening Tips: Intensive use: 2 times a day; Normal use: 4-5 times per week

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For Short-Term Stress (studying for exams, project deadlines, etc)

Helps keep the mind clear and agile under pressure.
Symptoms: Frequent mistakes, lack of focus or concentration, short-term memory loss
Use: Listen 2 - 3 times per day or as needed. With headphones or with speakers as background music to activity

For Physical Illness - Chronic
(cancer, AIDS, birth defects,nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc)

All layers of the electromagnetic field are affected in cases of serious or chronic illness. This music is complementary to all forms of treatment; however, it is not a replacement for professional medical care.

Helps balance the hemispheres and aids in entering into deeper states of consciousness where the body can more easily heal itself.
Symptoms: All physical illness
Use: Listen 1 - 2 times per day. With headphones while sitting or lying down

For Physical Stamina, Vitality, Rejuvenation

Helps intensify and strengthen brainwave activity
Symptoms: Loss of mental function; desire to optimise physical vitality/stamina
Use: Listen 1 - 2 times per day. With headphones or as background music while sitting,lying down or during activity

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For Learning: Adolescents and Adults

Each age has distinct parameters that enter into the learning process that could be described as a difference in emphasis for physical, emotional and mental development. This music supports the learning process for adolescents and adults

Helps promote hemispheric balance and a flexible thought process
Symptoms: promotes learning and makes doing mental work easier. Use before studying to prepare; during studying; after studying to help integrate the material; or whilst doing any kind of mental activity
Use: Listen as desired. With headphones or as background music

For Alpha wave production; Concentration, mental focus; Balancing the hemispheres; Expanding consciousness, Mental clarity; Memory improvement, Regression

All these themes require a flexible mind that can easily change and move into different brainwave states associated with an activity.

Helps promote hemispheric balance and a flexible thought process
Symptoms: use in conjunction with exercises for improving any aspect of mental function; before meditation; before treatment session; as background music; or as desired
Use: Listen as needed. With headphones or as background music

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For Developing Personal Power and Self-esteem:

Helps enhance the clearing of negative thought patterns

Promotes hemispheric balance and a flexible thought process to build a new self-image

Symptoms: To accompany specific exercises for improving any aspect of mental function; before meditation; before treatment session; as background music; or as desired
Use: Listen as needed. With headphones or as background music

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For Energetic Alignment and Integration

Helps expand your conciousness (self-awareness) and improve mental clarity
Symptoms: Narrow-minded, difficulty making changes, even when desired
Use: Listen once a day. With headphones or as background music while sitting, lying down or during activity

Brain Tape exercises


Materials required: several large pieces of blank paper and a drawing implement of some kind pencil, crayon, pen, felt tip, paint brush and paints etc.

Sit or lie with headphones. When you start the music take a few moments and breathe deeply and slowly. Allow your diaphragm to relax so that the air can enter more easily into the abdomen first, imagine your body expanding like an inflatable tube - first the sides of your torso, then your back and chest.

Imagine that with both hands together you are drawing a circle first clockwise, then counter-clockwise. Visualize these movements as clearly as you can. Next, draw what you visualized, first at a natural speed for you, then as fast and as slowly as you can. Try it also with your eyes closed. Draw small, medium and then large circles. Try other geometric forms or shapes e.g. triangles, hexagons, squares etc.

Effect: Promotes co-ordination of both hands so that they function as one unit.


Materials required: a long, tapered white candle.

Place the candle in a holder of some kind so that the candle can be held at arm's length in front of you with the top of the candle a few inches below eye level. Light the candle and start the music.

Practice the breathing technique as described in exercise 1 above, inhaling through your nose. After a few breaths, instead of exhaling straight away, hold your breath for 5 slow counts and exhale gently through your nose. Repeat 3-4 times. Then open your eyes and gaze at the flame for as long as you can. If you must break eye contact staring into the flame, do so as consciously as possible. Rest your eyes for as long as necessary and then return to gaze at the flame.

Variation: hold one of your thumbs at eye level between the candle and your eye. Focus on it until you see the candle as a double image, one on either side of your thumb. Hold the double image as long as possible. You can also take your thumb away, still maintaining the double image. If you lose it, bring your thumb back and focus on it again until you see the double image of the candle. Then take your thumb away again. Do this as often as necessary to develop this kind of focus.

Next, reverse the process and focus on the candle until you see your thumb as a double image. Maintain that as long as possible. When you have the double image of the thumb clearly, you can take the candle away with your other hand.

Effect: Promotes hand and eye co-ordination. Helps to develop poise and self-confidence.

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