Music for Developing Intuition

This music was specifically composed for the 5th chakra (throat), upper back, arm channels and palm chakras

Detail: Track 1 activates the flow of energy; Track 2 stabilizes the flow; Track 3 intensifies the flow; Track 4 cleanses blockages; Track 5 (Original title: For Depression) integrates the movement created by the other tracks

Listening tips: Intensive use: 3 times per day; Normal use: 3-4 times a week

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Allergies (dust, pollen, animal hair, etc)

Allergies occur when a false alarm is sent to the immune system, so that it reacts against otherwise harmless foreign substances such as pollen, dust, food, etc. Heat, cold, sunlight and the emotions can all activate this reaction.

Helps move energy in throat area, a primary circulation point of the lymph system
Specific symptoms: Throat irritation, difficulty swallowing, tender glands
Use: Acute: Once a day; Chronic: 2-3 times a week; Acute: With headphones sitting, lying down or while doing an activity. Chronic: Sitting or lying with headphones


In massage the giver transmits contact through their hands to the body of the receiver. This music helps facilitate this contact.

Helps move energy in throat area, the back of the neck, down the arms and hands
Specific symptoms: During all types of massage, particularly lymphatic drainage
Use: As long as necessary during the session; As background music

Physical illness, chronic
(cancer, AIDS, birth defects, nervous disorders, multiple sclerosis, etc)

All layers of the electromagnetic field are affected in cases of serious or chronic illness. This music is complementary to all forms of treatment; however, it is not a replacement for professional medical care.

Helps move energy in the throat, a primary circulation point for the lymph system; helps the brain enter into lower brainwave states where it is easier for the body to heal itself
Specific symptoms: All
Use: Once a day; With headphones while sitting or lying down

Premenstrual Syndrome

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that affects many women 3 to 10 days before the beginning of their menstrual period.

The syndrome has a variety of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, sudden mood changes, crying easily, feeling angry or irritable, headaches, swelling, breast soreness, constipation, food cravings, and fatigue. Women affected by PMS may have any number of these symptoms at the same time, and the symptoms may be mild or severe. The cause of PMS is unknown.

Most doctors believe the symptoms result from hormone changes that take place during the menstrual cycle.

Helps move the energy in the throat to promote movement in the lymph system
Specific symptoms: Bloating, fluid retention
Use: Acute: 1-2 times a day; Chronic: 4-5 times a week. With headphones or as background music while sitting, lying down or during activity

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To develop feminine aspect

Helps the brain enter into lower brainwave states where it is easier to access the intuition and other abstract qualities and feelings
Specific symptoms: As desired
Use: As needed; With headphones or as background music while sitting or lying down or during activity

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Creative visualisation: images

When the energy system is tuned and balanced, it is much easier to visualize. This music helps promote that movement with its focus on the 5th energy center at the throat, the upper back and arm channels and the hands.

Helps the brain enter into lower brainwave states where it is easier to visualize images
Specific symptoms: As desired
Use: As needed; before or during visualization; With headphones or as background music while sitting or lying down

Meditation and introspection

The primary focus of this tape; energetic alignment and integration; prepares the system for meditation.

Helps create energetic alignment and balance
Specific symptoms: Difficulty in meditating; desire to improve existing ability
Use: 1-2 times a day; as needed; With headphones or as background music either before or during meditation

Intuition  exercises

Use Tracks 1-3: Posture - sit or recline and close your eyes.

Part 1: Put your attention on the back of your neck, upper back and occipital region. The energy structures to focus on are the fifth energy centre in the throat, upper back channels and arm channels, which are connected to the fifth chakra and go across the shoulders, down the arms and out the palms of the hands.

Allow the music to enter and saturate the whole area. Imagine that the music gives you whatever material you need to improve, rebuild or repair this area on all levels.

Go through the different physical structures one at a time: veins and arteries – do they need support?; nerve pathways – are they intact?; muscles and ligaments – do they need to relax or be reshaped?; the vertebrae – are they aligned and well-formed?; the connective tissue that surrounds all these body structures – is it supple and fluid? Can the music flow easily and freely through all these structures? Imagine that whatever this area needs to function optimally, that it receives it by the music as it circulates.

Next, visualize the energy circulating in the electromagnetic field emanating from this area, extending out approximately 3 feet from it. Let the music circulate in and through this field. Let it unblock any energy circuitry, no matter how small; let it decompress any layers of this field to promote fluidity and integration of the physical body with this field.

If you have trouble visualizing this, postulate it is happening and allow yourself to be open to the circulation of the music in this area.

Part 2: Let the music begin in the throat, circulate deep into the musculature and tissue there and in the upper back, then begin to flow in a deep, strong way out across the shoulders and down the arms and out the palms of the hands.

At this point you can also imagine this energy actually burning unwanted energy, thoughts or unspoken communications and feelings. You can also leave the burning to Exercise 2 with the ‘voilet flame’.

Effect: The intuitive ability is always present; however, there may not be a conscious connection with it. In terms of brain-wave states, it lies in the lower states of alpha and theta, just below the level of waking consciousness for most people.

When the energetic structures associated with the throat are clear and the energy is flowing freely in and through this area out of the hands, the waking conscious threshold is lowered.

Use: Depending on your level of desire and dedication, you could work every day with these exercises or only 2-3 times a week. I have had people achieve their desired results in as little as 1 week working every day while others have taken up to 6 weeks to 2 months working only a few times a week.

Keep using these exercises until you reach the results you want. To enhance the effect of these exercises you can also do the exercises from Inner Sun once a week.

Use Tracks 4 and 5 (CD)- Posture: sit or lie down and close your eyes.

Imagine a high hill where a clear, violet flame is burning. The flame transforms and purifies whatever it touches. From the top of the hill you have unlimited vision. Go to the top and walk through the flame; observe what you see.

What you see may change each time you do this exercise.

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