Children: Ages 1-4 years

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baby crawling

Your child's early years are an important phase of physical and emotional development during which time many changes take place and patterns of behavior originate.

You can use any of our listening suggestions as background music to other activities, day or evening. Suitable for bedtime, if appropriate.

Our suggestions help nurture and support you and your child during their early learning and development.

Learn more about how and why sound and music are so effective in helping us develop an awareness of ourselves and our environment: "Sonic Pathways"

Music for Children: Ages 1-4

Magical Garden

Magical Garden
Young babies are very connected to the natural reality, and this music helps maintain that connection. Track 1: natural bird sounds & fast-flowing streams help re-create our sense of connection with 'nature'. Track 2 promotes a contemplative state of solitude as the call of the loon bird and accompanying storm create an evocative, 'magical' atmosphere!
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Inner Sun CD

Inner Sun
Provides a 'centering' influence, improving inner and outward self-expression; for those who have difficulty expressing themselves, irrespective of age.
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Deep Touch CD

Deep Touch
Gently massage your child's hands, feet and caress them all over while listening to this music.
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Dreamtime CD

Dreamtime CD helps you settle down to sleep. Promotes more theta and delta brainwaves, producing deeper and more restful sleep patterns.
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More Alternatives...

Voyage to Freedom

Voyage to Freedom
Lush violin melodies evoke the 'nurturing' quality of mother's love promoting relaxation at all levels. Helps alleviate fatigue as well as mental and emotional stress.
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Repose for relaxation

Relax and enjoy these calming melodies overlaying sounds of the ocean. As you listen, your body will absorb the frequencies it needs while the rest pass through without leaving any 'footprints', leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized!
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Just Celtic

Just Celtic
Transport yourself to the banks of bonnie Loch Lomond as you reflect & relax to selected traditional Celtic melodies. Arranged in 'pure' tuning - an older form of tuning - that your nervous system recognizes more easily and relaxes to more quickly. Need we say more?
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Radiant Body CD

Radiant Body
Music for relaxed revitalization. Energizes your whole system by helping release tension and restoring vitality.
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