Dreamtime by Arden Wilken


Music to help you sleep better

A soothing, musical massage for more restful sleep and insightful dreams.

Track titles and lengths:

Track 1: Falling Asleep (Strings, vibraphone) 29:52

Track 2: Dreamtime (Strings, vibraphone) 29:58

Track 3: Extra Sleep- 8 minute excerpt from Music for Children, Track 2 (Vibraphone) 8:03

68 mins CD (1986)

Focus of Tracks:

Track 1: On a physical level, encourages the brain to enter into a state of alpha wave production as a preparation for sleep

Track 2: Helps increase theta and delta waves in the brain

Track 3: Extra sleep

This music helps discharge tension that prevents restful sleep and promotes dream recall or more vivid dreams.

Listening Tips: Intensive use: 5 times per day; Normal use: 5 times a week. Use it day or night until desired results are achieved

Visualization Exercises

Any Track, Day or Night: Close your eyes and imagine that you have another body identical to your physical one, but without weight and density. It is light, durable and flexible. Expand it as far out around your body as possible and then compress it as small as you can inside your body. Let it float out in front, to the sides, behind, above and below your body attached only by a cord to your solar plexus. Then allow it spontaneously to take a shape, size and position. Relax, sleep well and sweet dreams.

Effect: This exercise enhances the effect of the music as well as developing the capacity to visualize

Practising the visualisations described under Deep Touch, Intuition, Inner Sun and Inner Harmony as well as this music will help regulate sleep patterns and dream cycles if this is a primary symptom.

For the Body »

  • Deep Touch
  • Floating
  • Radiant Body
  • For the Emotions »

  • Inner Sun
  • Magical Garden
  • New Heart