Music for Children by Arden Wilken

Music for Children

Music for Creativity and Expression

Detail:This music is for children, supporting creativity and the learning process for ages 4 -12 years

It is also for the ‘creative child’ in adults helping free up constrictions in the solar plexus region of the body, that hamper our ability to be spontaneous and joyful.

Track titles and lengths:

Track 1: Daytime play (Pan flutes, bagpipes, African snofar, piano, strings, harp and winds) 24:13

Track 2: Night-time rest (Celeste and vibraphone) 48:08

48 mins / CD (1988)

Listening Tips: Intensive use: once a day; Normal use: once a week

Visualization Exercises


Track 1 - Equipment required: Some kind of percussion instrument e.g. a drum, rattle, tambourine, spoon and pot, or anything which will make a noise.

If you feel it necessary, practice a bit before you put the music on to accustom yourself to your ‘instrument’. Then start the music and in time to the music begin marching around the room.

When you are comfortable with that, then begin to play your instrument in time to the music. Allow yourself to enter into the spirit of the music. If you feel silly or self-conscious doing this, even by yourself, then take whatever time you need to enter in. Have fun. If you do not have a lot of space, march in place. Keep marching and playing until the music shifts to another style, approximately 12 minutes.

Stand for a moment to enjoy the sensations in your body, and when you feel like it, allow yourself to move in a spontaneous manner with the music. Maybe, you will want to sway, or maybe you will want to move only your arms. Whatever movement you make, allow it to come from inside of you. If what you want to do is lie down and listen, do so. Continue until the music ends.

(Can be done with both children and adults, alone or in a group. The exercise as given here is for an adult.)


Track 2 - Posture: Lying down.

If possible, do this exercise directly following the exercise for Track 1 as this will help to integrate whatever movement was made in that exercise.

Imagine yourself in a hammock on a beautiful star-filled night. A gentle breeze is blowing. Maybe you are on the deck of a sailboat swinging to anchor in a moonlit cove. Maybe you are on a tropical island swinging between 2 palm trees, or you are in your own back yard. Allow yourself to enter in as completely as you can to whatever ambience you visualize.

As the music plays, let your mind drift. Let thoughts, images, memories come and go. All you have to do is swing gently and relax. If you fall asleep, great. Continue this for as long as you can, even after the music stops.

If possible, allow enough time to do the exercises for both tracks at the same sitting. Do these 2 exercises as often as desired. The 2 together, one after the other, create a balance between action and relaxation, expansion and contraction.

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