Radiant Body by Arden Wilken

Radiant Body

Music for Restoring Vitality

Tracks: Track 1 sets the pulse and begins a soft, yet definite movement of energy; Track 2 moves the energy from the tips of the toes to the top of the head; Track 3 reinforces this flow; Track 4 deepens the intensity of the movement of Tracks 1-3; Track 5 focuses on the movement created in the 6th and 7th chakras (brow and crown)

Listening tips: Intensive use: 4 times per day; Normal use: 2 times a week

Visualization Exercises

Radiant Body

Sit or lie down and close your eyes. Imagine that the music is entering your body, as if it were light, through your eyes.

Let it course down the inside of your body, through your legs and out the bottoms of your feet, where it continues its flow up the outside of your body on all sides, entering again through your eyes.

Let the tempo of each different song create the speed at which the music flows.

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