Inner Focus by Arden Wilken

Inner Focus

Music for Meditation and Introspection

Detail: In Track 1 of INNER FOCUS, we created a sound that corresponds to the internal diameter of the major energy channels in the torso, legs and arms. The effect of Track 1 draws energy deeper into the core of the body and makes the layers of the electromagnetic field (aura) more evenly spaced and balanced around the body, particularly below the feet.

This movement prepares the way for Track 2, which helps liberate energy held in the past. The music is directed at the energy channels at the back of the neck, upper back and occipital region. When this circuitry is intact and clear of blocked energy, I have seen that a person can access much more easily and directly whatever memories they choose.

The CD culminates in Track 3, a special inward journey to an underwater cavern to explore a new, "inner" focus. (Track 3 is an excerpt from Nature Serenade, Track 2).

Listening Tips: Intensive use: twice a day; Normal use: 4 times a week

Visualization Exercises


Track 1 - Posture: sit or lie down in a reclining position

Let the music move from the base of your spine to the top of your head in a continually upward moving spiral.

Effect: This visualization enhances the effect of the music, the focus of which is to stimulate the flow of electromagnetic energy in the core of the body. When enough energy circulates at this level, a deeper personal connection is created. Without this level of connection, it is difficult to connect with past memories or be able to meditate effectively.

This music helps lower the overall amplitude of the brainwaves, promoting more theta and encouraging the energy to flow uninterrupted from the pelvis to the throat.

Use: As often as necessary to either feel a deeper connection, or to experience a clearer meditation. Can be used either while meditating or before as a preparation for it.


Track 2 - Posture: sit or lie down in a reclining position

There are two parts to this visualization. Part 1 enhances the effect of the music by first focusing on the area. Part 2 gives a way to access memories. If you already have a technique that works for you to connect with your past, then only do Part 1 of this exercise and use your own method for Part 2.

Part 1: Put your attention on the back of your neck, upper back and occipital region, which is the area that is the lower part of the back of the head. Allow the music to enter and saturate this whole area. Imagine that the music gives you whatever material you need to improve, rebuild or repair this area on all levels.

Go through the different structures one at a time: veins and arteries – do they need support; nerve pathways – are they intact; muscles and ligaments – do they need to relax or be reshaped; the vertebrae – are they aligned and well-formed; the connective tissue that surrounds all these body structures – is it supple and fluid. Can the music flow easily and freely through all these structures? Imagine that whatever a system needs to function optimally, that it receives it by the music as it circulates.

Next, visualize the energy circulating in the electromagnetic field emanating from this area, extending out approximately 3 feet from it. Let the music circulate in and through this field. Let it unblock any energy circuitry, no matter how small; let it decompress any layers of this field to promote fluidity and integration of the physical body with this field. If you have trouble visualizing this, postulate it is happening and allow yourself to be open to the circulation of the music in this area.

Part 2: now, try the following. Continue to allow the music to circulate in this area cleaning, rebuilding and repairing at whatever level is necessary. Out in front of you about 12 inches, imagine a beautiful green leaf that is whole, healthy and vibrant. It can be any kind of leaf – from a tree, bush, flower, from a lake, stream, or the ocean. Enjoy its shape and form. Then visualize that it slowly dissolves and as it does so, it transforms itself into an image, memory or person from your past. Allow yourself all the time necessary to accomplish this transformation. You don’t need to use effort. If you need to, imagine you are an artist and that you are changing one image for another. If it helps you, make movements with your hands to help the transformation.

When the image is there from your past, allow yourself to retrieve all the information you can from the image and the event or time period it represents. For example, what you felt, in general; what position your body was in; who else was there; what they said. How you felt about them; how you felt about what they said or how they acted. What was the temperature of the room or the climate outside? Where were you? Were there any smells, sounds? What did you do, etc?

When you have connected with whatever information you can, allow the image to become whatever it will – perhaps the leaf again, perhaps not. Do not judge what it becomes. Then imagine that the music is moving all the information to the right place inside you to be able to use it in the way you want – to integrate it, resolve it, learn from it etc. Let the music wash all traces of the original leaf and image away as it circulates through your being. When the music stops or you are done, take some deep breaths, open your eyes, put your hands together and bend over and touch the floor for a moment.

Use: Do this as often as desired to achieve the results you are seeking. When you gain facility with this visualization, you can do many memory accesses in the same sitting, or shorten the length of time it takes you to transform the leaf, for example.

Note: Keeping a journal of your experiences can be invaluable to document your journey into your past, particularly if you repeat this exercise.


Use with Track 3:

Sit or lie down and enjoy the journey!

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