Inner Harmony by Arden Wilken

Inner Harmony

Music for Energetic Alignment and Integration

This music beautifully enhances personal and group meditations.

Detail: Tracks 1-6 focus on the speed and quality of the flow of energy through your energy system.

The opening and closing mechanisms in the chakras; the connections between the chakras and energy channels; and the overall alignment and integration of the chakras and the layers of the aura.

Track 7 cleans the telepathic channels on the face and around the ears. Track 8 helps to assimilate the activation from the other tracks. And Track 9 focuses on the back and centre of the fourth chakra.

Listening Tips: Intensive use: 2 times per day; Normal use: 4 times a week

Visualization Exercises

Inner Harmony

We offer a selection of Visualization Exercises that will enhance the effect of your listening experience.

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  • Floating
  • Radiant Body
  • For the Emotions »

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  • Magical Garden
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