Music for Healing by Arden Wilken

Music for Healing

Music for Physical Healing

This music activates the body's natural healing energy.

Detail: Track 1 focuses at the acupuncture points in the chest to help to reset disrupted energy circuitry in this area. Track 2 is three colors Arden translated into sound: Orange, Blue and Green.

Orange is traditionally a physical healing color; Blue is for calming; and Green is for transition and change.

Listening Tips: Intensive Use: 5 times a day; Normal Use: once every 10-14 days

Arden recalls:

"Just after I composed MUSIC FOR HEALING I gave it to a friend to try. He called a week later and recounted this story:

"I had just brought my little dog home from the vet where he had had an operation for an intestinal blockage. Without thinking about him I put on your new tape to experience what I felt with it.

After only a few moments I noticed Storm drag himself up from where he was lying and move over to lie directly in front of on one of the floor speakers. He lay there through 3 complete repetitions. When I put it on the fourth time, he got up and moved away from the speaker.

For the next several days I put the music on for him frequently and every time he came right over to the speaker and lay down, getting up apparently when he had had enough.

When I took him to the vet for his first post-operative check-up, the vet was very surprised at how quickly the wound had healed."

Visualization Exercises

Music for Healing

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