Deep Touch by Arden Wilken

Deep Touch

Music for Massage

Music for massage and heightening your enjoyment of physical contact

Track titles and lengths:

Track 1: Deep Touch (Piano and specially created Sounds) 28:22

Track 2: Going Deeper (Vibraphone, electric piano and specially created sound) 28:22

Track 3: Cobalt Blue- Original title: For Pain (Strings) 14:30

71 mins CD (1988)

Focus of Tracks:

Tracks 1 & 2 : music composed for massage and deepening body awareness.

Track 3 : helps alleviate physical and/or emotional discomfort. We suggest, initially, you listen to this track at a low volume until you find a volume level that suits you or your body.

Listening Tips: Intensive use: two times a day; Normal use: 1-2 times per week

Visualization Exercises


Use with Track 1: Best done on bare skin. Lie down and close your eyes, cross your ankles and put one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest (right-handed – right ankle over left and right hand on the abdomen; left-handed – left ankle over right and left hand on abdomen).

Imagine your hands melt into your body. Allow the music to enter the backs of your hands, penetrating deeply. Slowly break the contact when the music ends. This music is beneficial for any forms of contact, for example, massage.

Effect: Though the creative visualization prepares for Exercise 2 as well as promoting a stronger connection to subtle energy, it also aids in being able to experience the circulation of that energy more clearly.


Use with any track: Give yourself a very firm and systematic massage between each of your ribs, working down all of the spaces between each rib until you arrive at the sternum (breast bone in center of chest). Take extra time with sore spots.

Effect: Creates more direct mind/body connection. Promotes capacity to breathe by freeing up the muscles directly in the chest and sides of torso and indirectly by increasing the flow of energy through the activation of the acupressure points found in the chest.

Use: At least 4-5 times to create an integrated experience or as long as necessary to achieve desired results.

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