Magical Garden by Arden Wilken

Magical Garden

Music for the Emotional Aspect

Natural sounds and music for birth and rebirth - metaphorical or otherwise!

Detail:Track 1 (Stream and birds) Day: the passage of the sun along the banks of an ever-moving, ever-changing stream.
Track 2 (Wind, rain, thunderstorm and birds) Night: from stillness to storm and back again.

Listening Tips: Intensive use: In the last 3 months of pregnancy, 1-2 times daily. During childbirth or rebirth visualizations, use as often as needed. Normal use: as desired


A birth is like a storm. It begins in many ways - quietly, suddenly, with intense physical and emotional highs and lows before ending. This music gives emotional and energetic support to the entire process.

Helps: facilitate the birth process at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
Symptoms: During birth
Use: Listen as often as desired; With headphones or as background music in any posture or movement

Visualization Exercises

no 1

Use both tracks 1 & 2

Posture: sitting comfortably.

If possible, do this in a natural setting. Sit on a balcony with plants or, if indoors, with at least one plant or flower. It can be any variety or state of bloom.

Start the music, close your eyes and take a few moments and breathe deeply and slowly. Allow your diaphragm to relax so that the air can enter more easily into the abdomen first. Then expand the sides of your body, your entire back and your chest.

Open your eyes and be aware of the nature around you.

Focus on some natural object that attracts you. It can be a stone or stick on the ground, a flower, a whole bush, a tree branch, part of a limb or an entire tree. It can also be a cluster of clouds in the sky. If you only have one plant, then focus on it.

Whatever it is, as you focus on it, look at its outer edges, its silhouette. This kind of focus promotes more right brain activity.

Once you have traced the edge of the object, then move to another object. It can be a similar object or be completely different. Go as slowly as you need to. You could spend as long as 5 minutes, or even longer on each object. If you only have one plant, then gaze at its outline leaf by leaf, petal by petal, stem by stem, etc.

If you become tired, then close your eyes and enjoy the journey by the stream with the frog, robin and loon as night falls.

If you become bored, this would normally indicate difficulty in going from beta brain wave dominance, thinking state to lower brainwaves where self-reflection and meditation lie. If the boredom is too pervasive, try THE BRAIN TAPE exercises for a while to increase flexibility in shifting from one state to another.

Variation: Put yourself in a small boat or some other flotation device and enjoy the journey along the stream from sunrise to sunset (Track 1).

no 2

When you do this with Track 2, try to do it outdoors, but at night with enough stars and moon to see the outline of objects. These light conditions will actually enhance your ability to focus in this way.

Use: Normally practising this exercise for 3 consecutive days is sufficient to build this focusing ability. If you feel more time is required, rest a day or two and then repeat for another 3 days in a row. Follow this 4 to 5 day cycle as often as necessary to feel totally comfortable and be able to really enjoy this exercise.

I began doing this exercise spontaneously as a child. I could spend hours looking at things in this way. Now I find it extremely relaxing.

I use it as a break from work or when I feel stressed.