Floating in the Sea

Floating in the Sea

Natural sounds and music. For profound and immediate relaxation (60 mins)

Track 1: sea sounds from the Mediterranean

Track 2: sea sounds with the mythical echo of Sirens.

Recommended listening:

Intensive use: 2-3 times a day. Normal use: as needed

Floating in the Sea

This is the only INNER SOUND title where the primary effect comes from the psycho-acoustic effects forming part of the recording process; the music plays a supporting role.

This CD helps to activate the relax response in the body, helping to enter quickly and deeply into this state.

Often, just by being able to relax deeply on a frequent basis, many problems at all levels of being can be resolved or healed.

Primary Motifs

Floating in the Sea

In the music on Side B/Track 2: Opening, Damage 1 and 2 and cleaning. Learn more about Motifs

Visualization Exercises

Floating in the Sea

There are no Visualization exercises for this title. Simply sit or lie in a comfortable position. Use headphones. Enjoy the experience.

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